WHERE GREGG EATS                          

RICHMOND: Fresh, Delectable, Fried Fish


Unusual (for this site) extra bonus photos:


I drove by this place and did a U Turn through the nearby McDonald's ... this place had all the earmarks of a good find.  It was!

A great selection of fried fish (my favorites were the oysters, shrimp and scallops.)

I ordered spoonbread, not even knowing what it was ... it was excellent too.

Great side dishes.

This place rivals (by that I mean bests) any fish shack along the coast of Maine or New Hampshire.

No place to sit.  I ate in the car and came back inside to take pictures of the inside of the place and of these beautiful people.





2400 Mechanicsville Turnpike Richmond, VA  23215




RICHMOND: Breakfast, Burgers, Late Night




3rd Street Diner

Good country cookin'.





Tobacco Warehouse ... Nice setting ... standard issue bar food.  All the restaurants in that neck of the woods are too many parts atmosphere, too little parts good food for my taste.  Skimpy drinks.  Very classy waitresses.

The coffee roasting place in the neighborhood I remember as being pretty good.

The Berkeley Hotel is a good choice -- the windows open -- but some rooms really suck (dark and oppressive, like the one I had) ... they charged me a fortune, telling me they always gouge on prices and minimum stays on race weekends.  Negotiate your room-type when you negotiate your rate. 

Funny thing.  They manage to gouge you once and then you may not be compelled to stay there next time, when they really need the business ...