Comments from guest observer, Gary:


Since everything on the Vineyard is pricey, thought I’d start with “Best Bangs for the Buck”.  (Note that we are off season visitors so any of the special deals may not be available during the summer)

David Ryan’s Restaurant:

This is a neighborhood bar/restaurant that many of the local blue collars hold court after work during the week.   The chicken wings are possibly the best on the Island.   They are $5.00 for a dozen from 4pm – 6pm, Monday thru Saturday, and all day on Sunday.    They have a daily lunch special for around $5 and a dinner special for around $10.   They also frequently offer buy one entrée, get one free.

The Seafood Mac N’ Cheese, ($24), is very difficult for one person to finish because it’s so rich, but so delicious you’ll try your best.

The Clam Chowder ($6 cup, $8 bowl), is excellent.  Very thick.

The 14 oz grilled Rib Eye steak, ($28), was a pleasant surprise.   A local at the bar had one and recommended.   Otherwise I would not have tried it here.    I would get it again.

The bar prices are very reasonable with a good pour on the wine and martinis.   They offer about 8 different draft beer selections.

During the summer, they open up a second floor restaurant which is SLIGHTLY more formal.

Open 7 days/nights for lunch and dinner.   I’m assuming a 1am closing time.


The Plane View:

 This is a breakfast and lunch restaurant at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport in West Tisbury.   This is a great place to cut your meals for the day down to two, which is a money saver while on the Island.   A full breakfast for two will cost  $20 - $25 and will hold you over until dinner.

The Hobo Omelet, ($9), is a three egg omelet with bacon, sausage, linguica, peppers, onions, mushroom and American cheese.   Comes with home fries and toast.

The corned beef hash is made in-house.   Hash & 2 eggs with home fries and toast is $8.

French toast ($8) and pancakes ($7) are also very good and filling.   Counter and table seating available right overlooking the runway.

Lunch is your typical diner fare.




Went off to MV with my friends Jennifer and Donna.

We got in as much as we could. 

There are some varying appraisals of the places we went, so you'll see each of our narratives.

We kind of break format here, but if you are coming over, this will be a worthwhile read




Seafood Shanty

This place is 100% location ... If you have drinks on the deck overlooking the Chappy Ferry and the bay, the B+ food is tolerable.









David Ryan

This is a decent bar with a very valid chowda' ...










Here is an Italian restaurant with a very valid pizza.  You won't eat the pizza and think you are in New Haven, but this is a much better place to be and the pizza hit the mark pretty well.









The Newes from America

We actually never got to eat/drink here, we like sitting at the bar and the six seats at the bar were always in use.












Great wings.  Breaded with a good sauce.  A good bar.

We decided to try the brunch and it SUCKED.






Edgartown (Katama)Seafood




Lure is the bar and restaurant part of the golf course with a great peek-a-boo view of the ocean.

The homemade chips at the bar got us off to a good start, the drinks and service were great.  I'm told the food is excellent.  It is a great place for drinks on the deck.






MenemshaFried Seafood






The Bite

One of the best seafood shacks.  We had the whole belly clams and the calamari.

I'll be back ... except the next entry, Larsen's, is stellar in a different way.  Read on ...











This is a fish market.  They cook to order and you take what you get out back, next to the docks, and chow down

A quick treat: their lobster roll.











Chilmark Chocolates